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Stertil takes the greatest care to ensure that the information on its website is up to date and reliable. However, errors can occur.
Stertil and its affiliated companies accept no liability whatsoever for any damages caused by erroneous information, or problems caused by or inherent in the publication of information via the Internet, or technical failures, or service interruptions.
The use of information on this website and the printing of any copies thereof in whole or in part, is permitted exclusively for personal use unless otherwise agreed in writing by Stertil. The further publication or spreading of this information in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited, except with the express written permission of Stertil.
Any person accessing the information on this website is accountable for the selection and use made of such information. All data displayed on the site, including text, photographs, illustrations, graphical material, (company) names, logos, product names and trademarks, are the property of are licensed to Stertil and its affiliated companies and are protected by copyright, trademark laws and/or other intellectual property legislation. The (intellectual) property rights are in no way whatsoever transferred to individuals or legal entities who access the website.By accessing and using this site, the user unconditionally accepts the conditions stated above